On Feb 15, 2008, HP announced that the WinRunner system will be retired. No support in any form will be provided Jan 1, 2011 onwards. Most companies have thousands of lines of WinRunner script code and GUI-map files. Manual migration or developing cross compiler based solutions has turned out to be ineffective in terms of cost and accuracy. WR2SILK does automated translation of WinRunner TSL scripts to SILKTest scripts with near 100% accuracy, high speed and low cost.

WR2SILK, developed by Interoperate.biz Inc. is an advanced tool to automate migration of WinRunner test scripts to BORLAND SILKTest.


WR2SILK uses semantic translation techniques, projects can be completed in a fraction of time with near 100% accurate results and much lower cost. WR2SILK is designed to support very rapid evolution, focusing on the most important elements of the project first. It also provides maximum flexibility in addressing potential changes identified during the migration.

WR2SILK Migration Service

  • WR2SILK service delivers a fully executable 100 percent translation of a selected set of WinRunner TSL-based test cases into SilkTest 4Test test cases, with the translated SilkTest test cases executing in the same manner as your former WinRunner test cases.
  • WR2SILK will provide you the security of maintaining your existing test framework, for legacy or regression test suites, while enabling you to both effectively replace WinRunner and move onto the powerful and updated Borland SilkTest product.
  • While not a stated or guaranteed objective, in some instances, the new test cases may perform faster and more reliably than the originals due to certain efficiencies of SilkTest's 4Test language.

Complimentary Migration

Complimentary Migration