Migration Services

As the BrailleMath and WinRunner to HP QTP/ BORLAND SILK translators suggest, the Interoperate technology is applicable to a wide variety of needs. In addition to the products currently offered and under development, Interoperate actively seeks to apply its expertise to other important needs of its customers.

If you are facing a difficult problem that might be addressable with Interoperate's technology, contact us to discuss it. If we can be of assistance, we will work with you to develop an approach and project plan that can be used to support your internal planning.

Our development process is designed to support very rapid evolution, focusing on the most important elements of a project first. This approach ensures maximum visibility into the project so you can gauge progress effectively. It also provides you a maximum of flexibility in addressing potential changes you may identify during the work.

Migration Technology


  • Interoperate uses a logic based method to translate legacy and obsolete software to its modern version.
  • With Interoperate's semantic translation techniques, projects can be completed in a fraction of the time with very accurate results.
  • Our method has succeeded in developing automated translation applications where others have failed.
  • Other translation techniques have insufficient automation, resulting in excessive time and cost, inadequate quality and excessive manual effort.

Complimentary Migration

Complimentary Migration