1. What is WR2QTP?

WR2QTP, developed by Interoperate.biz Inc. is an advanced tool to automate migration of WinRunner test scripts to QuickTest Pro. With WR2QTP's semantic translation techniques, projects can be completed in a fraction of time with more than 97% accurate results and much lower cost. WR2QTP is designed to support very rapid evolution, focusing on the most important elements of the project first. It also provides maximum flexibility in addressing potential changes identified during the migration.

2. How does WR2QTP work?

Interoperate biz's WR2QTP translator works as follows:

  • It first converts the WinRunner GUI map files to QTP's object repository files
  • The TSL scripts to QTP's VBScript scripts respectively.

Since in WinRunner the object hierarchy has only two levels, while QTP requires the complete hierarchy of a GUI-object to be specified, minor manual intervention is required at this point. The modification mainly consists of inserting intermediate levels of the object-hierarchy and possibly adding/modifying properties of existing GUI-objects to ensure that these objects will be recognized correctly by QTP. The modifications and additions to be made are easily found by loading the object map file on to the QTP tool. These modifications are obvious to anyone who is conversant with the QTP tool.

In many situations (such as for Oracle forms), even this manual modification is not needed as Interoperate's translator can figure out the entire object hierarchy in QTP. The scripts are retranslated with the corrected object map file to obtain the final scripts. Note that with Interoperate's translation technology, the scripts are never touched, i.e., script translation is completely automatic.

3. Why manual migration from Winrunner to QTP is not a good approach?

This is a costly and error-prone process as the logic of each TSL script has to be understood, the object map manually recorded and then the QTP scripts constructed. This approach works only if the code base is small.

4. What is the percentage of automatic conversion using WR2QTP?

Our WR2QTP solution automatically translates 100% of the TSL scripts (the hard part due to test complexity) and >97% of the GUI Map files. This means WR2QTP has significantly lower risk/time and much less cost compared to manual or partial solutions. Our focus on software solutions provides maximum flexibility for WinRunner customers and partners.

5. What is the speed of migration from Winrunner to QTP with WR2QTP?

We have successfully migrated 100,000 lines of TSL code in 8 weeks. Learn more...

6. How WR2QTP achieved the level of automation as high as 100%?

WR2QTP achieve the highest level of automation migration by using path-breaking technology based on formal semantics and rule-based languages.

7. What is the time taken to give the estimated time of migration?

Interoperate.biz will visit your organization onsite to assess the requirements and provide an estimate for your migration project.
The onsite visit will be for 1 to 2 days for most projects.
The duration of the visit will depend on the size of the project.

  • Small to medium-sized projects (less than 100,000 lines) will require 1 day visit to understand the structure of the test cases.
  • Larger-sized projects will require an additional day.

At the conclusion of the visit, we will provide an informal estimate to be followed by a formal project proposal within three business days.

8. How WR2QTP handles if the customer has a very specific need to customize the migrated code?

The translator developed at Interoperate.biz is simpler and smaller in size as compared to the translator developed using traditional cross compiler technologies. Hence our translator can be customized very quickly for any specific customer's need.

9. Is there any proof of success stories of WR2QTP?

Serious customers may contact us for reference customers who can provide feedbacks about our migration service. We also do a complimentary proof of concept for 2000 lines of TSL code for interested customers.

10. Are the new QTP scripts maintainable?

The generated QTP code is similar to TSL code. Therefore the testers familiar with source Winrunner scripts can easily maintain it.

11. After translating, is there any specific skill the user needs to know?

A user with VBScript programming experience needs basic training regarding the migrated framework to maintain the generated QTP code.

Complimentary Migration

Complimentary Migration