Nemeth code to print-math back translator

BrailleMath is a software package that caters to the needs of Blind students and Sighted parents & teachers teaching mathematics to Blind students. In just a few easy steps, it allows the teacher to convert a Braille page typed by a blind student into a pdf file readable by sighted people, thereby saving a lot of time for the teacher while grading homeworks and exams.

This package is a Nemeth code to print-math back translator and is developed using image processing and special Braille language translation techniques.


Product Features

  • BrailleMath takes as input, a scanned copy of the Braille sheet hand typed on a Perkins Brailler and outputs a PDF file.
  • BrailleMath's Optical Braille Recognition module recognizes Braille characters from the scanned copy.
  • BrailleMath can handle slanted typed lines as well as irregularly typed lines.
  • Documents can contain Nemeth Code and Literary Braille. Nemeth Code expressions are automatically separated from contracted Braille text.
  • BrailleMath also handles spatial math:
    1. Determinants
    2. Matrices
    3. Grade school Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Long Division, etc.
  • Nemeth Code Syntax errors made by the student are detected and confined to the smallest possible area and rest of the document translated correctly.
  • User has full control at every step and can change/modify the document in any of the intermediate steps.
  • User has the choice of either doing step by step conversion or doing direct conversion to pdf.
See BrailleMath Samples

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