"Our company had very complex Winrunner code that had been developed over 10+ years. Our attempts to manually migrate to QTP did not work out. None of the other vendors could help us, as their translation tool could not handle the level of complexity that our code possessed. Interoperate came to our rescue. Their sophisticated translator allowed us to migrate in record time. They even modified their translator on the fly to customize the generated QTP code to my company's need. I think Interoperate has the best solution for migrating Winrunner to QTP."

- QA Manager of a Telecom Solutions company

"Interoperate's automatic translator worked very well on our code. We managed to migrate large amount of code to QTP very quickly. Interoperate also trained us on the QTP code they produced. I will use Interoperate again for my migration needs."

- QA Manager of a Gas Energy Company

"Interoperate migrated our 15,000+ lines of WinRunner code to QTP and delivered it in 6 business days flat. Impressive !!!"

- Engagement Manager of a Major Medical Devices Company

Complimentary Migration

Complimentary Migration